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Mims - Mar Nov 19, 2019 6:39 am
Oggetto: A credit card has become a replacement for the hard cash n
A credit card has become a replacement for the hard cash now days. It is very comfortable from the viewpoint of shoppers
, as they do not have to carry cash in a large amount, which is very suitable according to security point t of view as well. But people do not realise while paying from their credit card when they shop as it keeps on piling up and only to realise how much they have spent when they get the credit card bill. In the end it makes it even more difficult for them to pay those bills as they are unable to find out that which payment is to be made for which purchase.

Monetary misspends and bad deals might be the reasons why it accumulated in hefty debts. The only legal way out of this mess is debt negotiation. Credit card debt relief comprises of paying off the balance, which is actually lesser than the total balance. It is also advisable that these matters should be discussed with the credit card company or with the bank to which one owes
, as both have the same interest, which is paying off the outstanding balance on one`s account.

The process for the same is hiring the professionals for debt negotiation who will be doing the talking on your behalf with the credit card company to reduce the credit card debt so that one does not have pay too much. The Credit card debt relief services have many advantages as these services help in settling off debts with negligible cost. It also helps the credit card companies, as they will not have to waste time in harassing you for paying your balance amount. The objective of arrears conciliation is to assist people with enormous amount of debt. Debt relief consolidation helps in providing a person a sense of relief and a firm financial background. However
, for those who have lesser amount should try to settle it by themselves only.

Chris Adam - About Author:
For more information on credit card debt relief, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the debt relief consolidation!

Higher study nowadays has become very expensive. University or college fees, hostel or dorm charges
, and food costs have gone higher unexpectedly resulting in a big hole in limited budget of students. In addition to these expenses, the need for expensive college textbooks increases the worries of students. They need to find a way to save money to fulfill all their essential needs.

One of the easiest and most popular ways of saving money is through renting college textbooks. Yes, students can save money by renting their college text books rather than purchasing them. College textbooks are heavily priced. A majority of books for medical
, engineering, architecture, and other applied sciences costs hundreds of dollars. Students have to think twice before buying these books to serve their study needs.

Using library services for getting books was a popular option among university and college students. However
, the problem with library was lack of availability of all college or university text books and limited number of copies of available books. Libraries were able to serve requirements of a few students only. Rest of the students who were not able to get a book issued from library either had to purchase them from market or borrow text books from passing students. But, in a majority of cases the options of getting old books were limited. Sometimes due to syllabus change or the revision of reference books preferred by universitycollege or professors previous year鈥檚 books used to become useless.

Customer Loyalty: is it really important? Marketing Articles | July 13, 2006
Customer loyalty can be defined as a behavior or attitude of a customer to purchase a particular product of a specific brand over others which available in the market for a particular need.

Introduction: Customer loyalty can be defined as a behavior or attitude of a customer to purchase a particular product of a specific brand over others which available in the market for a particular need. The packaged good industry defines this consumer attitude as ?Brand Loyalty?. Brand loyalty can be defined as ?The degree to which a customer is loyal to a given brand in that they are likely to re-purchasere-use in the future. The level of loyalty indicates the degree to which a brand is protected form competitors? (Yellow Pencil).
Customer loyalty has become the buzz word of the marketing industry (Papers4you
, 2006). Companies are constantly trying to increase their brand awareness by promoting loyalty schemes, making more and more people buy their products. Regular maintenance of customer database containing customer, sales data and other statistical data is a good technique to measure customer loyalty. By constantly analyzing this data companies can increase their customer loyalty.

Brand Equity: In general brand equity is the value a customer places on brand. If the brand is trusted the equity will be positive but if the brand has a bad reputation the equity will be negative. The Marketing Science Institute (MSI) states that brand equity can be viewed by customers " both a financial asset and as a set of favorable associations and behaviors" (MSI 1989). While Farquhar (1989) contends that brand equity to a consumer follows from a positive evaluation of
, or attitude toward, the branded product, Keller (1993) hypothesizes that consumer-based brand equity arises from a more favorable differential response to the firm's marketing efforts. Concept of brand equity is associated with the financial and accounting perspective like estimating the value of a brand also this concept is studied while working on strategic marketing activities.

Customer Satisfaction & Retention: It is difficult to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in n today?s world.

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